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What the research community are saying about VESPA..

Professor Peter Clough


(Chair of Applied Psychology, Manchester Metropolitan University)

The A Level Mindset has successfully integrated research and practice into an
excellent user guide. It will be a valuable resource for students, teachers, parents and carers. The tools and techniques described are both workable and relevant.

John West-Burnham


(Professor of Educational Leadership, St Mary's University College)

Oakes and Griffin have produced a remarkable resource that offers a significant guide to enhancing teaching and learning at A level, but with implications beyond years 12 and 13. The resource is firstly a very practical guide to support the how of effective learning as well as the what. As such it provides a necessary antidote to an approach based on managing information and develops a coherent strategy to empower students understanding and help them become confident self-managing and self-aware learners.

Professor Cathy Lewin


(Manchester Metropolitan University)

Steve Oakes and Martin Griffin have carefully drawn on research evidence and combined this with their extensive practical knowledge to create an informative guide for teachers, parents and students.


The VESPA research lab was set-up in 2016 to produce high-quality, independent, research and insights to inform the development of the model, the VESPA psychometric and the tool kit. We have a number of active research projects and aim to provide schools and colleges with a research informed approach.




We currently have four large studies in progress.


Study 1 includes 47 schools and colleges in the UK looking at the impact of delivering a VESPA programme across a range of age groups. The study has been running since September 2018. The findings will be published later this year.

Study 2 includes 10 schools and colleges in the Greater Manchester area looking at the impact of a VESPA programme on NCOP pupils (National Collaborative Outreach Programme). This programme has been specifically targeted at areas that have shown to have low progression form post 16 to university. The programme is being funded by NCOP. The project will be completed in May 2019.

Study 3 involves 12 grammar schools in Lincolnshire funded by the Lincolnshire Research School who are trialing the VESPA programme with Y12 pupils. The project is a 6-month intervention and concludes in April this year.

Study 4 includes 2 international schools located in Dubai. Both schools are working with large international cohorts and start the programmes in September 2019.

The Team

Our teams of professional researchers, statisticians and psychometricians, have extensive experience and expertise in psychology. We work across all areas of qualitative and quantitative research, applying the most appropriate research techniques to the field.